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Brilliant Bluetooth kõrvaklapid

Tootekood: 124103
Kataloogid: Avenue
Laoseis: 31
15,16 €
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The Brilliant light-up logo Bluetooth® earbuds feature an ergonomic ear hook that keeps the earbuds secure during any workout, commute, or day at the office. Built-in music controls and microphone for answering/rejecting calls, controlling the volume and songs with a push of a button. The music controls are conveniently located next to the left earbud. Playback time at max volume is approximately 2.5 hours. The earbuds can be charged in under 90 minutes with the included Micro USB cable. The earbuds will automatically turn off after 3 minutes if no longer connected. Bluetooth® Version 5.0. Bluetooth® working range is 10 meters (33ft). This item must be lasered to reveal the logo light up function.

Materjal ABS Plastic
Toote mõõdud 73 x 1,27 cm
Pakendi info 200
PiltMeetodLogo asukohtLogo kõrgusLogo laiusMax värid
Laser engraving left earbud 6 mm 16 mm 1
Laser engraving right earbud 6 mm 16 mm 1
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12410300 Solid black 23 15,16 €

Kogusel 100+

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