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Smart writing set 2.0

SKU: 107339
Brand: Moleskine
Qty: 315
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The Smart writing set 2.0 contains the bestselling classic Moleskine notebook (large ruled), a Smart pen, a magnetic charger and a refill. Moleskine recognizes that in our everyday lives we instinctively use a combination of analogue and digital tools. The writing set offers the pleasure of handwriting on paper with the benefits of digital whether your focus is note-taking, sketching or planning. It comes with the user-friendly Moleskine Notes App that allows easy editing, organizing and sharing anytime and anywhere. The modern and elegantly shaped pen comes with an exclusively created magnetic charger, a battery that lasts 24 hours, and a comfortable grip for longer writing. With invisible Ncodes in every page, the Smart pen can identify the exact location in the notebook and create an identical digital version of your notes on screen, ready to edit, expand and share digitally.
Material PP Plastic
Product measurements/size 26 x 26 x 3 cm
Pakendi info 16
PiltMeetodLogo asukohtLogo kõrgusLogo laiusMax värid
Embossing/Debossingfront80 mm60 mm1
Hot stampingfront80 mm60 mm1
Padprintinside55 mm55 mm1
Embossing/Debossingbottom left80 mm40 mm1
Embossing/Debossingbottom right80 mm40 mm1
Hot stampingbottom left80 mm40 mm1
Hot stampingbottom right80 mm40 mm1
Screenprintfront160 mm70 mm1
Digital printfront198 mm120 mm1
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10733900 Solid black 315 0,00 €
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