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Umbra 10.000 mAh wireless power bank

SKU: 124004
Brand: Avenue
Qty: 2248
25,48 €
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The Umbra power bank contains a 10.000 mAh Grade A Lithium-Polymer battery, wireless charging transmitter/receiver and a 3-in-1 integrated cable for all Apple® iOS and Android devices. Charging can be done wireless or with a cable. The power bank itself can be charged with the integrated USB A cable or place the power bank on any wireless charging pad/charger for wireless recharging. Cable output of 5V/2A, wireless input of 5V/0.8A, wireless output of 5V/1A. Supports wireless charging up to 1A for devices that have wireless charging functionality. For devices that don’t support wireless charging, an external wireless charging receiver or receiver case is required. Including Micro USB charging cable. It works with most plastic phone cases on.
Material ABS Plastic
Product measurements/size 13,8 x 2 x 6,8 cm
Pakendi info 20
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12400400 Solid black 2248 25,48 €

For the quantity of 100+

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