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Evolution recycled notebook

Tootekood: 106112
Kataloogid: Bullet
Laoseis: Tellimisel
3,50 €
Kogusel 100+
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A6 reference recycled paper cover spiral notebook with 100 sheets of lined paper, a pen loop and elastic closure. Recycled paper.
Materjal Recycled paper
Toote mõõdud 18 x 12 x 1,5 cm
Pakendi info 36
PiltMeetodLogo asukohtLogo kõrgusLogo laiusLogo diameeterMax värid
Digital stickerfront50 mm60 mm4
Padprintbottom left55 mm40 mm4
Embossing/Debossingfront80 mm60 mm1
Hot stampingfront80 mm60 mm1
Padprintfront55 mm55 mm65 mm4
Screenprintfront155 mm65 mm1
Full color domingfront50 mm60 mm4
Padprintbottom right55 mm40 mm4
Full color domingbottom left55 mm40 mm4
Full color domingbottom right55 mm40 mm4
Digital stickerbottom left55 mm40 mm4
Digital stickerbottom right55 mm40 mm4
Embossing/Debossingbottom right55 mm40 mm1
Hot stampingbottom right55 mm40 mm1



Tootekood Värvivalik Laoseis Hind Kogus
10611200 Natural,solid black Tellimisel 3,50 €

Kogusel 100+

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Metall pastapliiats kummise viimistlusega, 137 x Ø 10mm, valikus 14värvitooni. sinine 1,0 mm südamik.

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GOMA pen is a simple design combined with a rubberized surface with a pleasant feel. The whole composition is presented in bright, matt colours. Made of aluminium. Graphite finish. Blue G2 1,0 mm refill.

Tootekood: 46_19617 ,   Materjal: metall ,   Toote mõõdud: 137x Ø10mm ,   Kasutus: kontor
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GLOSS is an exceptionally elegant and impressive pen. It is elegant thanks to chrome-plated finishes and the aluminium barrel covered with rubber paint. The pen is distinguished by its ability to make glossy markings with a mirror effect. An automatic pen. G2 type blue 0.7 mm-thick refill.

Tootekood: 46_19630 ,   Materjal: metall ,   Toote mõõdud: 138x Ø10mm
Al. 0,83 €
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0,00 €