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Nikolai v-shaped safety vest for kids

Tootekood: 122015
Kataloogid: Bullet
Laoseis: 15880
1,53 €
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The v-shaped safety vest is an easy to wear vest for pedestrians and cyclists alike. Large decoration area on the front and on the back of the vest. There is a hook & loop closure on the shoulder for extra safety, that also makes it easy to put on, and the strong fastening clip will make sure the vest is tightly secured to your clothing. The elastic band on front and back makes it stretchable and easy to wear on thick coats. Comes with a pocket for storage of small items, and an identification label that can be used to personalize this vest. The vest is tested and certified under EN13356:2001 Type 2 regulation. And follows the PPE guidelines on application of Regulation (EU) 2016/425 Personal Protective Equipment Category II. Polyester.
Materjal Polyester
Toote mõõdud 32 x 0,1 x 44 cm
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12201500 neon yellow 15880 1,53 €

Kogusel 100+

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