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Parker IM Luxe special edition ballpoint pen

Tootekood: 107391
Kataloogid: Parker
Laoseis: Tellimisel
34,01 €
Kogusel 100+
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The Parker IM Luxe special edition ballpoint pen in Metallic Pursuit or Midnight Astral with the iconic trademark arrow clip. Metallic pursuit: embellished with dynamic line pattern, stainless steel material, and black lacquer barrel. Midnight Astral: Embellished with a star chart constellation, stainless steel material, and glossy varnish blue barrel. ABS Plastic, Metal.
Materjal Metal
Toote mõõdud 13,6 x Ø 1,13 cm
Pakendi info 50
PiltMeetodLogo asukohtLogo kõrgusLogo laiusMax värid
Padprintbody6 mm70 mm4
Screenroundwrap25 mm25 mm1



Tootekood Värvivalik Laoseis Hind Kogus
10739101 Dark blue Tellimisel 34,01 €

Kogusel 100+

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GOMA pen is a simple design combined with a rubberized surface with a pleasant feel. The whole composition is presented in bright, matt colours. Made of aluminium. Graphite finish. Blue G2 1,0 mm refill.

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GLOSS is an exceptionally elegant and impressive pen. It is elegant thanks to chrome-plated finishes and the aluminium barrel covered with rubber paint. The pen is distinguished by its ability to make glossy markings with a mirror effect. An automatic pen. G2 type blue 0.7 mm-thick refill.

Tootekood: 46_19630 ,   Materjal: metall ,   Toote mõõdud: 138x Ø10mm
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