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PVC suurendusklaas taskus

PVC suurendusklaas taskus
Värvivalik: Läbipaistev
Pealekanne: tampotrükk, siiditrükk
Mõõtmed: 8.5 × 5.5 cm

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USB Mälupulk 2.0

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Tootekood: 06_28726mc ,   Tarneaeg: 14 ,   Värvivalik: sinine ,   Värv tekstina: ,   Materjal: metall ,   Toote mõõdud: 5,7 × 1,9 × 1,1 cm ,   Mälumaht:
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Visiitkaardihoidja Gemi

Soliidse  välimusega kahepoolne visiitkaardihoidja Gemin

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Extremely practical business card holder made of PU leather which allows you to keep both private and clients' cards. You just need to open a proper tab. In Business Card Holder you can keep up to 20 cards (10 for each side). Engraved logo might be placed on the metal plate.



Tootekood: 46_17578 ,   Tarneaeg: 14 ,   Värv tekstina: ,   Materjal: Kunstnahk ,   Toote mõõdud: 93x63x17cm ,   Mälumaht: ,   Kasutus: kontor
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Metall pastapliiats kummise viimistlusega

Metall pastapliiats kummise viimistlusega, 137 x Ø 10mm, valikus 14värvitooni. sinine 1,0 mm südamik.

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GOMA pen is a simple design combined with a rubberized surface with a pleasant feel. The whole composition is presented in bright, matt colours. Made of aluminium. Graphite finish. Blue G2 1,0 mm refill.

Tootekood: 46_19617 ,   Värv tekstina: ,   Materjal: metall ,   Toote mõõdud: 137x Ø10mm ,   Mälumaht: ,   Kasutus: kontor
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Metall pastapliiats kummiseviimistlusega, 138x Ø10mm

Metall pastapliiats kummise viimistlusega, 138x Ø10mm, sinine 0,7 mm südamik.

Valikus 12 värvitooni.

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GLOSS is an exceptionally elegant and impressive pen. It is elegant thanks to chrome-plated finishes and the aluminium barrel covered with rubber paint. The pen is distinguished by its ability to make glossy markings with a mirror effect. An automatic pen. G2 type blue 0.7 mm-thick refill.

Tootekood: 46_19630 ,   Värv tekstina: ,   Materjal: metall ,   Toote mõõdud: 138x Ø10mm ,   Mälumaht:
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Bambus kohvitops silikoon aksesuaaridega, 350ml

Bambus kohvitops silikoon topsikaane ja -ribaga, 350ml.

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Single wall tumbler in bamboo fibre and PP with silicone lid and grip. Capacity 350 ml. As this is a single walled mug heat transfer can still occur.

Tootekood: 15_MO8547 ,   Värvivalik: helesinine ,   Värv tekstina: ,   Materjal: silikoon ,   Toote mõõdud: Ø9X11cm ,   Mälumaht: ,   Kasutus: unisex
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