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Tootekood: 124292
Kataloogid: Unbranded
Laoseis: 2902
32,83 €
Kogusel 50+
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The Gleam gaming headphones delivers high-quality stereo sound with a premium built-in microphone. It includes 2 meters wired cable with a 3.5mm Aux tip and USB-A connector. The 3.5mm Aux input provides audio and microphone when connected to a computer or mobile device. An Aux to Type-C adapter is included for devices with Type-C inputs. With the included adapters and built-in cable, the gaming headphones are compatible with all major PCs, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. Easy to setup without driver requirements. The built-in volume control on the earcups makes it easy to adjust the volume, and the extra padding in the earcups and adjustable headband makes them comfortable to wear. This item can be laser engraved on the earcups to reveal the light-up function. Delivered in a gift box that is made of sustainable material. ABS Plastic.

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Eco Ei
Materjal ABS Plastic
Toote mõõdud 18 x 5,2 x 17 cm
Pakendi info 20
PiltMeetodLogo asukohtLogo kõrgusLogo laiusLogo diameeterMax värid
Digital stickerright earcup35 mm40 mm40 mmfull color
Laser engravingright earcup35 mm40 mm40 mm1
Digital stickerleft earcup35 mm40 mm40 mmfull color
Padprintleft earcup40 mm35 mm40 mm4
Padprintright earcup40 mm35 mm40 mm4
Laser engravingleft earcup35 mm40 mm40 mm1
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12429290 Must 2902
32,83 €

Kogusel 50+

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